Spring Car Care Tips

Spring Maintenance


Spring is right around the corner and while a wash and wax will go a long way, it won’t leave your car ready for warmer weather. There are a few common maintenance items to take care of to ensure the warmth doesn’t create any problems. Here are a few spring car care tips from us here at Union Park Buick GMC.


If you didn’t have an oil change towards the end of winter, it would be wise to get one in preparation for spring. Cold weather can cause oil to thicken, just as warmer weather will cause it to thin. Old oil may not have the level of viscosity needed to allow your engine to operate at peak performance. It may not help cool the engine as well either.

Owner’s manual

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see if there are any manufacturer-suggested service milestones coming up. If there are, make a service appointment now to avoid the springtime rush.

Wiper blades

It’s likely your wiper blades saw plenty of use during winter, depending on where you live. That means it’s just as likely that you need a new set to handle the spring rainfall. Fortunately, wipers are easy to install and relatively cheap compared to other parts.

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