How to Move House Plants in Your Car

Move Plants In Your Car

Now that spring is here, it’s time to start planting in the garden, and that means you’ll probably be transporting plants back from the store in your car. To avoid getting dirt everywhere and damaging your plants, follow these tips on how to move plants in your car.

One obvious trick is to lay down towels or sheets in the bed of your backseat, trunk, or cargo space to keep your car from getting covered in dirt. This is also important when transporting certain plants like trees, since bark is easily damaged and should be protected from rubbing against anything.

If you can wrap it, that’s good, but at least make sure it’s not touching anything else. Put a net around tree foliage if you’re going to put it in a truck bed to keep it from getting blown around in the wind.

With plants in pots, you’ll want to get a box you can fit them in without much room to move around so they don’t spill over in the car. If you stop anywhere, make sure you ventilate your car to keep the plants from overheating, since this can damage them.

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