Like A Pro Campaign in Wilmington, DE

Like A Pro Campaign Highlights Quality and Versatility of GMC

The GMC “Like A Pro” campaign is designed to demonstrate the high-level of quality expected from GMC owners. The campaign recognizes that many who drive GMC trucks and commercial vehicles are professionals who not only rely on their vehicles to make a living, but who also have deep connections with their trucks and SUVs.

According to GMC, the “Like A Pro” campaign demands that vehicles meet higher standards. The motto “We Are Professional Grade” highlights the quality of GMC trucks and SUVs. The recent campaign shows GMC Denali models, as well as the all-new GMC Terrain. Other popular models featured are the Acadia and Sierra.

“Our owners are dedicated individuals, respected by their peers, whose passion and abilities set them apart,” said Rich Latek, GMC marketing director. “Their values reflect our ‘Professional Grade’ spirit and we look forward to bringing that emotional connection to life. And we’re excited to show how we think our customers live their lives like pros.”

GMC is releasing two ads, the “How Do You Want To Live—Anthem” and “Dad Like A Pro” spots. The first shows the high expectations GMC has for all its products, while the second is designed to celebrate fathers and their hard work. You can join a conversation about the hard-working GMC lineup by following #LikeAPro on social media. To see one of these trucks or SUVs in action, visit Union Park Buick GMC today.

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