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Could a Buick Crossover EV Be in the Works?

There is a lot of hype surrounding the innovative Chevrolet Bolt, with its cutting-edge tech that put it head to head with competitor Tesla. Now, General Motors might have plans to take the Bolt’s platform and move it somewhere else – specifically, to Buick’s lineup. Rumor has it that there might be a new Buick crossover EV in the works, combining the popularity and practicality of the modern crossover segment with the clean efficiency of an all-electric vehicle.

The information comes from publication InsideEV, who did not name their source but claimed past stories from this source have been verified and accurate. Their insider info says that the new EV was based on a focus group study that asked participants to rate a potential Buick EV against competitors from other brands and that the upcoming crossover would look similar to the all-new Equinox in appearance. It’s expected to use the same 60 kWh battery and electric motor as the Bolt.

There’s no word on when this Buick crossover EV could be showing up on the market, and Buick representatives are staying silent, claiming they aren’t at liberty to talk about future endeavors as they focus on releasing a new Enclave model this fall.

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