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GM LIDAR Technology: The Future of Self-Driving Cars

GM LIDAR Technology

Both GMC and Buick models may be getting a few significant tech upgrades in the coming years, as General Motors (GM) recently acquired a major player in the LIDAR field. LIDAR, which stands for ‘Light Detection and Ranging,” is basically a series of sensors that use pulsing lasers to detect distance, topology, and more. GM LIDAR technology combines several sensors in order to improve safety; however, the technology is also pivotal in creating self-driving vehicles. In other words, self-driving cars are no longer exclusive to the sci-fi genre.

According to GM, the brand it purchased, Strobe, builds LIDAR technologies that create high-resolution images that computers can use to scan the world around a vehicle. In particular, Strobe uses this innovative system to improve the accuracy of sensors, supplementing systems that rely on radar or cameras.

“The successful deployment of self-driving vehicles will be highly dependent on the availability of LIDAR sensors,” said Julie Schoenfeld, Founder, and CEO, Strobe, Inc. “Strobe’s deep engineering talent and technology backed by numerous patents will play a significant role in helping GM and Cruise bring these vehicles to market sooner than many thinks.”

LIDAR has been used in underwater exploration in the past, but GM hopes to make the technology available to drivers in order to optimize safety and to improve self-driving technologies. We at Union Park GMC can’t wait to see what autonomous technology GM develops next.

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