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2019 GMC Sierra Gets New Anthem Ad Campaign

GMC is promoting the capability and innovation of the new 2019 GMC Sierra with the “Anthem” ad campaign. The campaign already has two different commercials — titled “Step Up Like a Pro” and “Jaw Drop” — attracting attention to the functionality of the totally all-new, redesigned pickup truck. The campaign aims to draw new buyers to the nameplate as well as old fans by proving the new Sierra is the top pick for pickup truck enthusiasts.

The ad campaign focuses primarily on the 2019 GMC Sierra’s new MultiPro Tailgate feature, a six-function tailgate that allows drivers to adapt the tailgate to suit their needs. It can, of course, lock and lower like any other tailgate, but you can also reconfigure it into a stepping stool, use it to extend the truck bed, or fold it into a work bench.

The first ad in the “Anthem” ad campaign revolves around owners of Ford and Ram trucks removing the old-school, standard tailgate from their pickup trucks, in favor of the new MultiPro tailgate, while singing Steam’s “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”. The GMC Sierra owner then demonstrates the versatility of his truck’s tailgate to a crowd of impressed onlookers.

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