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Check Out the New GMC Sierra CarbonPro Truck Bed

GMC continues innovating on the Sierra year after year. In addition to the versatile MultiPro tailgate the automaker added, GMC has introduced a ultra-durable, lightweight CarbonPro truck bed.

The new CarbonPro truck bed is 62 pounds lighter than its steel equivalent, and it resists extreme temperatures, chemical corrosion, scratches, and dents.

Just how tough is it? GMC thoroughly torture tested the truck bed. The testers dumped piles of cinder blocks into it, pummeled it with water-filled steel barrels, and tried to tear it up with a studded-track snowmobile revved at full throttle. While those trials would have left a steel truck bed mangled and dented, the CarbonPro survived with hardly a scratch. Not even extreme temperatures or corrosive chemicals damaged the CarbonPro.

GMC crafts the CarbonPro truck bed right here in the United States. First, workers use an oven to heat large, flat sheets of thermoplastic carbon fiber. Once they’re heated and malleable, the sheets are stamped by a 3,600-ton machine press. Other parts are cut and finished with high-pressure water jets, while the leftover carbon fiber bits are recycled for later use.

This rugged new truck bed is available on the CarbonPro Edition of the 2019 Sierra Denali and AT4, with greater availability expected for the 2020 model year. Check out the GMC Sierra CarbonPro Truck Bed for yourself — test drive the Sierra at Union Park Buick GMC.

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